Securus Technologies Rebukes GTL’s Unlawful Actions

I recently came across the first of a series of articles by Securus Technologies, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology, which they issued to call attention to Global Tel Link’s (GTL) wrongdoings and lack of integrity. According to the Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) some of these actions include:

  • programming clocks to add 15 or 36 seconds to call durations
  • rating calls higher than permitted
  • artificially inflated costs to customers by the addition of various amounts after calls were rated
  • billing single calls more than once
  • engaging in these practices deliberately for no other reason than to overcharge customers

I applaud Securus in their attempt to act with integrity in the industry. Rick Smith, CEO of Securus is quoted as saying he loves the industry and its law enforcement officers, correction facilities, inmates, family and friends and all of society. He therefore expressed disappointment that unlike other carriers in the business GTL would act in such a manner without integrity. And according to him time does not wash away such actions and that this behavior is a cancer on the industry.

I believe it is only by heeding words like these and acting upon them can decency win out in the civil and criminal justice technology industry.
Securus Technologies is a leader in the criminal justice technology industry. They are accredited and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, Plastic Surgery Surgeon, and Professor

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is a plastic surgeon and an eminent professor who is well-recognized both at home and internationally for all his contributions in the reconstructive and plastic surgery. He is also well educated and known for that too. Rohrich is also known for aging, facial aesthetics as well as his work in rhinoplasty.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the distinguished professors in the plastic surgery department in the Dallas Southwestern Medical Centre. He is also the current charity ban crystal eminent plastic surgery chair as well as the holder of the Warren and Betty Woodward in Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery. He is also the recipient of the Rodney Jamea Rohrich illustrious professorship in plastic surgery and wound healing. Dr. Rohrich is also serving as the chief editor for the reconstructive and plastic surgery for the Plastic official Surgeons American Society medical journal. He is also a certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of plastic surgery.

Dr. Rohrich was born and raised in the interior parts of North Dakota by the name Zeeland. He was a brilliant young person and pursued his education. He completed his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees with first class honors at the University of North Dakota.

Dr. Rod Rohrich decided to venture into medicine as a career and joined Baylor Medical College and completed his medical degree with a first class honors. After plastic and general surgery residencies at Michigan University, he decided to venture into pediatric plastic surgery at the University of Oxford in England. In 1986 he then joined the southwestern medical center of plastic surgery.

The cosmetic surgery, a world in the recent years, ranges from whether it is a particular wrinkle that is on your Botox all the way to a full-blown facelift as well as breast implants. This is an industry on that is very neutral in nature and new in a way that startup entrepreneurs can cause a little bit of disruption.

The industry is never a limited one to the wealthy celebrities as well as the rich socialites like it was in the past. In the recent years, it is highly mainstream, and TV shows like Extreme Makeover need to be thanked for their constant promotion of cosmetic products as well as these infomercial ads for age defying products in cosmetics.

Dr. Gary Baslaw developed a social platform that connects plastic surgery patients with doctors for an online solution.

Stephen Murray Has Had a Successful Career

Stephen Murray has built a reputation for being very knowledgeable and successful when it comes to deals that have to do with private equity. He has achieved his greatest amount of fame for his tenure at CCMP Capital.

This is a company that specializes in private equity deals. Stephen was the president of the company when it experienced its greatest period of profitability.

Buyout transactions and growth equity ventures are what the company made the bulk of its money from. Stephen was always one of the brightest children in his classes as he was growing up. His teachers often remarked that he was destined for great things when he grew up.

He received his higher education at Boston College where he graduated with a degree in economics. A Master’s degree followed that from the prestigious Columbia School of Business.

There were many companies that wanted to hire Stephen when he finally finished his college studies. He decided to take a position in the training program that was being offered by the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

It is here that Stephen would learn many of the fundamental principles that would serve him well throughout his brilliant career. This was followed by a job working for the MH Equity Corporation five years later. The company was purchased two years after that by Chemical Bank.

This company merged five years later with the Chase Manhattan Corporation. Stephen continued to rise through the ranks during these mergers. Each new regime would see Stephen’s value to the company. Therefore, he would not be replaced.

2005 was the year that Stephen accepted a position at JP Morgan Partners. He was given the task of overseeing the division of the company that handles buyouts. This was a very large responsibility. However, Stephen proved himself to be up for the challenge.

Stephen decided to start his own company called Stephen Murray CCMP Capital the next year with the financial backing of JP Morgan Chase to help him. Stephen was chosen to lead the company by all of the other founders.

He did not let his partners down. The company became very successful in a short period of time.

The success that Stephen Murray has experienced in the business world has made him a very wealthy man. He has used his money in many philanthropic endeavors. He has continually given his money to a wide variety of charities and the two colleges he attended.

The Hibernating Bear George Soros Is Back, And He’s Buying Gold

The billionaire George Soros, who’s net worth is approaching $25 billion USD, has come back to the stock market, but it’s the selling that has investors watching. Mr.Soros cut his investment holdings in equities by 37% and put most of this into gold, making gold his largest investment bet.

The move is echoed in other big-name billionaire investors such as Soros’s former strategist Stan Druckenmiller. The rationale behind the move is provided largely in part by both China’s unnerving economic status and the possibility of the U.K. exiting the E.U., now being termed “Brexit”. Soros believes that China’s economy is looking eerily similar to that of the U.S. before the economic downturn in 2008, and with the future of the E.U. hanging in the balance the global economy is becoming very fragile.

Active trading by George Soros has slowed in the past decade with other management controlling most of the investments associated with his name which makes his recent personal participation in the move even more noteworthy.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

Although Gold has depreciated in value from its all-time highs in 2011 and 2012, bearish investors on the global economic situation believe we could test those numbers again which provides a significant upside potential if Soros is correct.

The most important catalyst for changes in gold prices in the near future will be the Brexit vote, of which the predicted results have been a whirlwind. With the recent murder of British Parliament member Jo Cox attempting to predict the Brexit outcome has become even more difficult. If the U.K. is to leave the E.U. it is very likely that Soros’s investment thesis will pan out and a flock to to the perceived safety of gold over equities will be seen.

Finally, with China’s banks making dangerously large bets with sub-prime mortgages and loans we could see the history of an economic melt down repeat itself on an even larger scale.

With this much uncertainty in the market, it’s not difficult to understand Soros’s strategic move.

Learn more about George Soros:

Stephen Murray’s Success Story Cut Short at 52

Stephen Murray, the successful former head of CCMP Capital Advisors, passed away last year on March 12, 2015. He had resigned as chief executive officer of CCMP the month before, citing health problems. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Murray was 52 years old and left behind a wife and four sons. He and his family resided in Stanford, Connecticut. He was well known and respected in the private equity industry as an innovative and effective deal maker.

Steve, as he was usually known, was born in 1962. He grew up in Westchester County, which is a suburban area outside New York City. He attended Boston College, where he majored in economics. He graduated in 1984. He also earned an MBA from Columbia School of Business.

Stephen Murray took a job with Manufacturer’s Hanover Trust as a credit analyst trainee right after finishing at Boston College. He later earned his MBA from Columbia School of Business while getting his career started. n 1989 he transferred to the MH Equity Corporation, which focused on leveraged private capital buyouts.

He stayed mainly in the private equity industry for the remainder of his career. Starting in 1991, when MH Capital Equity bought and merged with Chemical Bank, Steve Murray’s employer went through a series of mergers and name changes over the next few years. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

During this time, he rose to become vice-president and head of the firm’s buyout unit, now a part of J. P. Morgan. It became known as CCMP Capital Advisors after it was spun out as a separate entity in 2006. Stephen Murray became CEO in 2007.

As head of CCMP, Murray focused on mid-sized leveraged buyouts. Typically, he would work with another private equity firm to put together large mergers or buyouts. Read more: CCMP Capital Resumes Business After Death of Stephen Murray

He also served on the boards of a number of well-known companies, including Aramark, AMC Entertainment and Legacy Hospital Partners.

Stephen Murray was something of a philanthropist. He was a member of the Board of Trustees of Boston College. He also served on the chairman’s council of the New York Metro Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The Murray family also supported the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, the Stanford Museum and Columbia Business School.